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"Yoga" and "Dana" have become synonomous for me in my plight to become a stronger more flexible being...I came in looking for a little muscle and left with a lot of heart."
~Cynthia Jenkins, writer

Welcome to Lotus Yoga Laguna, serving Laguna Beach and south Orange County through a variety of Yoga classes since 2008.  LYL classes are unique in quality and direct link in the golden chain of master teachers.  Our systems include Kundalini Yoga and Ahstanga Yoga, Iyengar Yoga & Tibeten Yoga, which influence our Yin Yoga & Yang Yoga programs.  LYL has a well rounded program for kids offering youth yoga, youth theater, and youth martial arts in our partner program with Cho's Academy. 

Our clean, beautiful handbuilt studio, conveniently located on Pacific Coast Highway at Diamond.  Across from world famous Woods Cove and Pearl St. beaches.  Parking is available for your convenience.  Our school is non corporate, no corporate certifications are acccepted from our teachers.  We are family owned and operated for two generations.

Ongoing Level 1 & 2 teacher trainings at Lotus Yoga Laguna are internationaly recognized and certified through the Yoga Allience and Kundalini Research Institute. 


Lotus Yoga Laguna offers Kundalini Yoga in Orange County in a direct link with Yogi Bhajan, 3ho, Kundalini Reasearch Institute (KRI), and the International Kundalini Yoga Teachers Association (IKYTA).  Program Director Gurufateh Kaur Khalsa has 30 years teaching experience and has been reffered to as "one of the best teachers in the western hemisphere" by the Elephant Journal. 

Join south Orange County's premier independent yoga community. You don't have to change who you are, realize your potential and power.  We believe it takes one person to change the world, and you are that person.


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Sat Nam